TAP Partners in Hainan, China, September 2013

TAP facilitates more effective and streamlined capacity development interventions in innovation systems in tropical agriculture. TAP was created to focus specifically on capacity development in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), more than 90% of which are located at least partly within the Tropics.

TAP provides a mechanism for all actors to communicate, exchange ideas, knowledge, experiences, and practices, and work in a more coordinated way, learning from each other about capacity development policies and practices that work. Interventions will acknowledge national leadership and ownership and will be aligned with national plans and demands. TAP fosters partnerships and shared visions to steer agricultural innovation along a more coherent path and to arrive at development solutions at scale with lower transaction costs. TAP also works to establish close linkages with relevant existing multi-partner initiatives that promote coherent institutional approaches, such as those being implemented by regional fora and international agencies.


The TAP partners will develop three services to help boost agricultural innovation in the Tropics: